finully spring: an da growsing is happunings!



Imagine my supwize, when i saw wif muh own eyes, that the BaBearian tundra got spwing kissed!


An now that we gotvisit-kissesed by the Goddess of spwing, all that gween growsing is happunings!

1304blum-lilathey are growsing, be them small


1304blum-lzahnor even talls!



1304blum-hibisHibsicus shows the firster gweens



13tree-pear04just the same as the twees called pears



13tree04bushesall the bushes now flag gween dresses



1304blum-tujawhen Tulips give us their twue blessings



13food-prikaan since we’re hungry after hiBEARnation,

we stock up on good nutritunnn,

hasing red bell peppers in a pan,

with potatos, onions and cream, 

eating up, all that we can, 

for Mrs Teddy’s dishes taste

wike a dweam!









2 Responses to “finully spring: an da growsing is happunings!”

  1. You are so brave hanging in the tree (“trrrree” with scott accent please :D) like that! and always looking so cute and sweet everywhere. Such beautiful and colorful pictures! ❤

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