spwing in the countryside: and them twactors bloom!


i went groceries shopping with Daddy TeddyTom4u,


an it was such a beautimous spwing day too, an therer, in the middle of the groceries store parking lot, there were two gigantic twactors!


So we made a spontanous photo-shoot with them twactors… an if i tells you thems were huges… you can see i am not exegeratings too, wight?






herer is a bettur picshure of the smaller giant!

an meeeeheeee *giggles*



13auto-tractor-deutz-gran dis is da pic of Mr Big

(well an tiny meheeee sitting on his knee!) *giggles morer*



So evidentully, in the spwing time in tehBaBearian tundra, not only them twees an bushes an flowers start to grow in gweens, but so do them twactors!









2 Responses to “spwing in the countryside: and them twactors bloom!”

  1. wow! those are really huge and they make you look so cute and tiny ❤

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