Spwing Goddess Magic!!!


Spwing is one powerful Goddess i can tells you. she can makes gween into colors, an pales into intense ones… within a matter of a day! lets have a closer wook at that artist extra-ordinaire an her handi-works…


starting off wif da pear twee, 


here on Wednesday, wif meeheee sitting in the still gween twee


1304tree-pearblooman herer it is just Friday, the same week, bathing in blossoms



1304blum-tujaTuesday: them tulips all timid


1304blum-tulpall1on Friday in maximal bloom, yellow and red honoring

Spring Goddess Bloedewedd



1304blum-lzahnThursday, these were the only Dandelions…. 


1304blum-lzahnsbut on Friday i could literally bathe in dandelion seas!



1304blum-4lilhyawild hyazinths flagging their purple every-bear

*giggle* fun pun: everywhere with bear *giggle-fit*



dont you agwee She is filled wif awesum magic, the Spwing Goddess??


if you agwee, just say wight! wight?







2 Responses to “Spwing Goddess Magic!!!”

  1. What is this little flower called again? the one with orange and red? Ah, right! It´s a little Doucette! 😀 ❤

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