doucette’s PC #1303: fruit!


today i will take you to an excursion to visit some fruits i adores… and that also is the picshure challange of today… what inspires you to the topic…



linie rainbow anim

HERE ARE THEM RULES an now have fun wif it, wight?




13food-datewell, i ate… an now i am your date




food_fruitNcoffeewaiting to be made into a breakfast fruit salad:

mini banana, kiwi, apple, sharon fruit, grapes 

an meee, but not to be made a salad *giggle-fit*


food86-lemonif life gives you lemons? 

pose wif dem all sweet wike, wight? wight!




food86-applesgalaapples, apples in da box, have you seen the doucette’s sox?



food86-paradizeprocessed fruit makes for yummie jams!

processed nuts make for nutella

an me, i can process them alls to my tummie… yummie!

*giggles morer!!!*


13food-strawbeariesmy variatunnn on Wimbledon’s strawberries:

strawberries, powdered sugar, cream, coffee an meeee!










5 Responses to “doucette’s PC #1303: fruit!”

  1. you made me hungry like a bear 😀

  2. Now I want fruit 🙂

  3. giggle, it makes me all happsie, that you bof now wanna eat dem fruities! dems are goods for yous, uhu uhu! beary good evens


  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm only one fruit I have never heard of, I must go look it up now. . .learning learning from my bear friend.

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