Magic of Spring!


todays blog is once more a celebratunn of the spring, that finally has awivsed to stay in the BaBearian tundra

1304whites1you would have thunked, it is snow-white behind meeee


1304whites3but you would have thunked wong: it is Black-Thorn!!!


1304whites2herer is a teddie bearie wif dem blossoms of dose cherries!


1304blum-fliedrwhile i am climbing awound them blossoms of purple lilac

a blackthorn flower is climbing the hand-bag of doucette!


1304blum-tujabeary impressive tulips, afoot the thuja twee (an meee!)


13bywater1-22forgotten are the days of burrrrrrr winturrrrrr


110929doucette-nuttycornerbut unforgettuble are dem yummies by Mrs Teddy… wight?






2 Responses to “Magic of Spring!”

  1. You so look like a little spring flower yourself, you cutie patootie! 😀

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