Nevermind Avalon: this is doucette-on (a tree)



So evidentully i am not Morgan La Fay because i am only enchanting peopol an stuff wif being 250 shades of cute wike, wight? wight! But that title got you all interested an so wifout further ado, watch me walking the apple twee in our back-yard now in full bloom…


13bloom-apple1peek-a-boo! who are you?


13bloom-apple2well me, i am doucette the bear, you see?



13bloom-apple3walking on an apple tree!




13bloom-apple11fearless on the bloom-dressed twig…




13bloom-apple31doing my artistic balancing gig


13bloom-apple32using my skill and wit, not some cheap “magic” trick!



13food.4qbaer-maiand at home, i am not beary alone

a buttery teddy cake is awaiting me

and with my beary own magic

i will make it all be gone

(of coursie, into my tummie: yummie!)








4 Responses to “Nevermind Avalon: this is doucette-on (a tree)”

  1. such a beautiful post Sweetie and you are the most shiny star among the flowers 😀

  2. Oh how wonderful, and beautiful you are sweet doucette.

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