doucette math: work + food = all is good



todays blog will give you impwessuns of markets where i helpsed Daddy TeddyTom4u but had some time to spot some interesting stuffs aside. Old housies all freshened up or left the way they were built wike… 

13marktaltdorf13herer you can see housies an a church from the middle ages…

but can you spot meeee?


13markt-berch-housie31colorful housie in gween…

13markt-berch-housie32colorfull housie in yellow witf a perm on top *giggle*

13markt-berch-housie33this one is not red, they are not traffic lights, but housies!

*giggles morer* but salmon is close enuff wight?


an if you ask yourself why we are working so hard? because we also wubs the foods and that cost some mola, so we have to earns it firster before we can spends it, wight? wight!

13food-pizzablechMrs Teddy’s home made pizza before i ate it!

tellur11wooksing for morer of da pizza, but its gone magicully



StBeariz-hotel-bed17stwange, where did the pizza hide?


kleenex13it is not even in the kleenex box! *giggle-lots*

baywa1208-thaibuddhadid you eat it? or seen it? nooohoooo? *giggle-friggle*


13food-ice-choclateall that pizza seeking made me hungwy…

gunna eat some ice n cream!


But as long as bof: work and food are good, all is good, and that is my math as it is meant to be…

schoolNworx86calculus13food-pizzablech2yay found a new batch!!!!!!!

‘scuse me, i am busy yumsing







2 Responses to “doucette math: work + food = all is good”

  1. such a great adventure! and you did find the pizza, well done Sweetie! ❤

  2. i found it and hid it (deep inside my tummie) *giggles*

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