twicks gwandma knew: a watering system for plants


today i will cwue you ins on a twick fwom gwandma’s times, how to keep your  plants moist, without hasing to be walking awound wif a waterings can  all da time. 


This method comes in pawie (thats ‘handy’ in teddie language *giggles*) espechially if you are not home over a week-end or during the warmer days…


And the best part of it all is that this watering system doesnt cost you any extwa mola, an you be saving mola evuns wif it! double win wight? wight!



so what you do need is an empty plastic bottle. maybe one fwom juice or milk or in my case syrop … an you will need a sharp knife (but be attentive not to cut yourself, wight? wight!!!!) and/ or scissors…

13twick-watering1for the mola-saving yardener this is what you need:

empty plastic bottle and some sharpies!



13twick-watering2cut off the bottom of the bottle – but dont cut yourself!!!

also undo the lid – you will only need the body of the bottle



13twick-watering3insert the left-over bottle body upside down into your plant pot

fill it wif water, and the soil will stay moist bearfectly!

*giggle, fun pun: bearfectly is perfectly wif bear in it*




now, wif dem plants not dying in the heat you will safe a pretty penny

which will allow you to fine dine, morer of the time



spoilsed wif Mrs Teddy’s chicken, filling, and yard-veggies










2 Responses to “twicks gwandma knew: a watering system for plants”

  1. This is such a good trick, thank you for sharing this with us Sweetie! ❤ You look so cute and adorable in all the green stuff 😀

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