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A summer stroll by the riverette

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when summer suddenly reared her head into our neck of woods, and butt-faced us wif all dat heat, we needed a widdles of dem cools an so we went for a stroll by the riverette. herer are my beary impwessuns for you!


beautimous flowers embracing the rays of sunshine…


1306-riverette21while Poppy and i seek out the shade of a twee!

*giggle*, did you gte the fun pun?

Poppy, as in Daddy, and the flower! *giggle-fit*

1306-riverette13BaBearias blue and white reflecting in the riverette…

as i turn my beary back to civilizatunnn…

1306-riverette12deeply enjoysing the wilderness and her reflectuns!






see, bears are all sorts of cuddlies, wike!

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i came acwoss a funsy but also quite suspense filled video on facebook… an i shares it herer wif you

see? us bears are all kinds of nice, wight? wight!

an in case you cannot see the clip for whatebear weason… here is a cute pic of meeeheeeee






Ocean Dream Spa Spoilage

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Peopol, i am so fudging exciteds!!!!

i am sending you gweetings an salutatunnns from a new beautie spa i was inviteds to be testins, an all i can say is: it is dweamy an awesumsauce!


the Ocean Dream Spa follows its maritime theme in the design and equipement:

different shades of blue, plus clear white with sea-motives: beautimous!

dems peopol of da Ocean Dream Spa even tweated my gems and washesed my purse all clean! now that is what i call service!


got muh own spa-bracelet/anklet… welaxing in muh beary own pool

the ambiance of the Ocean Dream Spa is vewwy welaxing an calming. Especullies after all the stress on them market days…. 

130616market_backstagebackstage on the market, twying to help Daddy TeddyTom4u

… i was all happsie to be treated in that comfortins an recreatiunuls ways


1306spa-oceandream44Of course i did not only get a beary smoof full faculls, i also got a treatement for my whole bear body!

(fun pun!, *giggle-friggle*)



i can only recommend that beauty and R+R spa to all of you!!!


a penny for your thought!

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Peopol, recently muh Daddy TeddyTom4u told me: “a penny for your thoughts”

an since i wanna my Daddy to be always happsy and hasing it His way, here goes:

1306-blum-peonya peony for my thoughts

money86penniesor maybe a whole bowl of dems?


i am suwa Daddy is all happsy now!





BaBearia & beer, a love story!

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Peopol, as you all know i am livsing in BaBearia, and herer peopol are into beer. wike a wot!


Not only has every village or about every village their own brewery…


there are also beer-gardens everybear. (*giggle fun pun! everyBEAR, that is everywhere wif bear in it *giggles morer*)


Bear-gardens are a kind of summerly open, open-air retsaurants,  where you eat maybe wieners but basically come together to drink beer in a more or less rural openminded atmosphere.


So you will not be supwised, that beer is almost wike a religion in here, and that there is a whole culture built around beer. And of course there is bear gear (*giggle funky rhyme therer!*) like the famous BaBearian beer mugs.


And today Daddy TeddyTom4u supwised me wif an unscheduled photo-shoot wif 3 kinds of such beer-mugs, that are (by the by) up for sale!

1306-beermugs34As you can see there are mugs with a built in lid, so dem bees or wasps will not get dwunk on your money *giggle-fit* as well as the traditional mugs that are open. The two such open mugs co-incidentully are also used as marketing device, like coffee-mugs in less beer-devoted regions of the world. Such advertisement-mugs are their own collectors field.


but of coursie so are those with them lids. The one in the center of the picshure features scenes of the rural life, while the one on the wight (next to my paw) shows a rider on a horsie, who could easilie be a cowboy, the rider, not the horsie siwwy!  *giggle-snorts* Dont them mugs look all kinds of awesum? I fink that yes dems do, and you need one too!!!


Because Daddy pwomised me, that if i get one (or morer) sold, i get a pwovisunnn so if you want to make me a happsie teddie bear girl, then order one of those collector items, that come originully from BaBearia in Germany!!!!

flagge de anim gr





All Creatures Great and Small ~ BaBearian style

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wot you maybe dont know or maybe you does, there was a tv show called all creatures great and small, that was about a vet praxis in northern England…

an when we travuls through the rural BaBearia, i am often remindeds of Siegfried and Tristan Farnon and James Herriot an sooooo,

i am playing a widdle All Creatures Great an Small in my blog now too *giggle-friggle*
driving by the street, i see a rooster or a hen, walksing by


13-animul-cock2the animul wooks fine tho,

so there is no need for muh veterinary interventunnn *giggles*


13rossmarkt81convoythese horsies wook all healthie too!

must be my gweat pveventive veterinary works *gigglefit*

circus-horsies2while these fellas need a bit morer of foodies, wight? wight!


animals_2ladybirds201206i may need to teach those ladybirds about contraceptunnn!



circus-pony1starthe pony wooks all wight too, even if its bwown *giggle snorts*


13-animul-sheep06-11whoa, sheepsies in da rain? let’s check thems out!


13-animul-sheep06-12they claim to be fit for duty, but thats my call wight? wight!


now Snow-White, wooks me in the eye please

13-animul-sheep06-29there you go, well done. you do wooks all wight too!


13-animul-sheep06-13okies, muh job is (well) done, buh-byes for now!

,13medplay11so now to my othur patient, in the surgery:

horsie sugar-cute!

i will tells you all about that in a future blog, tho, for it is late an i too need my beautie sweep, wight?







twying to be wif you!

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you wills suwa believes me when i am tellsing you, because you know i dont lie, wight? wight! so it must be twue! that sometimes i would wanna be wif you, my fans, my fwends, but it is not always possuble to be therer wif you in bearson! *le sigh*

macgalbear22i would wanna fly to you!

cars-quad2ridei would wanna drive to you!

fanboat2i would board a boat for you!

12ufer-walhala-boateven if it took a detour via Walhala, where the brave live for eburr!

StBeariz-MRski11i would ski to you

13mole05treeclimb over tall trees for you!

secludedforest4deltatreeover moss covered hills

byfalltree-misteltoeclimb over walls

byfalltree-blackberrydisregard thorns

1304blum-4lilhyawalk the walk

steine-2012ametrineXXLclimb through rocks

tamedragonand dance wif dem dwagons!

i even thunked to send muhself via the mail!

1306-dovebut i did not fit in their box!

twee-hainbu-swinging2so maybe… you come and visits me!