love is all you need! <3

All you need is love,


they said,


and wistens peopol, thems were wight!

i shall explains it all to you in detail!



It is raining all day and night in BaBearia, and summer is no-where to be seen. Even the sun doesnt wanna comes out an play HUMPF!

86-bedtimethe eliphunt kept temptings me…

i am considering hiBEARnating evuns…

86-bedtime2dreamto be kissins muh stone eliphunt an so i did and…

licht - lampe…eureka!


if dwarfs do it


and bees do it

baywa1208-owliesand birds do it

kissntelllove is all we need!

an so i went to muh Daddy TeddyTom4u, and asksed all cutie wike,


to get me more luvins, an see? it worksed!


got Daddy kisseseds *blushel lushel*

and now, i am gosing to gives you all sumfing beary spechial: some doucette wuvins, just for you!


here goes!

13-kiss11 13-kiss12 13-kiss13 13-kiss14MUAH!!!!!!






2 Responses to “love is all you need! <3”

  1. Mwuah right back at you Sweetie! ❤ This is the cutest post ever!!!!! 😀

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