and the calender spoke: let it be Junember!

The BaBearian Tundra Calender (short: batunca) is a fair warning. if you thunked June is a month of heat, think again and wooksie at the cold rain washing down the stweets! 1306-rainflood44 there is water every-bear! 1306-rainflood42 this looks like a creek, wight? 1306-rainflood32   wong! 1306-rainflood21 it is a field flooded by the stweet :-s


this is not some rice field in China, it is a wheat field in BaBearia, or what is left of it….

linie rainbow anim

the correct Junember attire –

1306-rainflood10fashunable poly-acrylic fur coats are obligatory

DaddyTeddy-potatosoup warm hats – optional 

modeling-hats-scotswater deflecting hats: advisuble!


hot smoochies in da dwy: obligatories! *giggle fit*

linie rainbow anim

the correct Junember food: savory and solid

13food06_prkNfriespork steaks on olive oil with western marinade, onions & fries

13food-omlettedoucetteegg soufflee with cheese

food-schokocouverture77Chocolate for the Vitamine C *giggles lots*

food86-paradizenutella and jams – to power your sammich up!

food-cheescake12aaaaand cheese cake!



6 Responses to “and the calender spoke: let it be Junember!”

  1. I am so glad you have your fur coat to keep you all warm and toasty … and your Daddy’s hugs n kisses too!

  2. you look so sweet and the little Scottish beret suits you so well! you poor little one, it seems very cold and damp there ❤

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