haunted places 2013: ghostie forest :-s


this is sooooo fudging scawy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we were passing by a secluded entry to a forest, and Daddy TeddyTom4u suggested we take a break, despite the rain and take a widdle photo-shoot. Said and done, we stopped the car and started shooting.


You know a place is haunted when stwange things happen and technical devices start going bazerk!

1306-hauntedforest1-no sun to be seen, no flash used, and me within focus… or not?

well you can be suwa, this place was haunted

1306-hauntedforest3-taking a pic with the flash, and the forest looks darker!

Hints every-bear!!!!

1306-hauntedforest2-like a warning sign: down feather stuck to a tree: enter at own risk!

so we quicklie packed our bags and fastlie left the space :-s


what was mostest stwanglies, is that such technical stuff going bazerk usually indicates a polter-geist, howeburrr, polter-geists live in buildings, not open spaces…. SCAWWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all i wanted to do was crawl into bed under dem covers and nebburrr eburrr be seens agains, however, Daddy TeddyTom4u told me we has still some photo-shooting to does, and so i complieds. Evereything is bettur than them stupid fudging ghosties, wight? wight!!!!!!!!!!

13product_anhlilapinkpresenting a handmade beaded pink/purple pendant

(it is for sale too. the pendant, not meeeheee!)



One Response to “haunted places 2013: ghostie forest :-s”

  1. so scarry…. you are so brave little Doucette!!! šŸ˜€

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