twying to be wif you!


you wills suwa believes me when i am tellsing you, because you know i dont lie, wight? wight! so it must be twue! that sometimes i would wanna be wif you, my fans, my fwends, but it is not always possuble to be therer wif you in bearson! *le sigh*

macgalbear22i would wanna fly to you!

cars-quad2ridei would wanna drive to you!

fanboat2i would board a boat for you!

12ufer-walhala-boateven if it took a detour via Walhala, where the brave live for eburr!

StBeariz-MRski11i would ski to you

13mole05treeclimb over tall trees for you!

secludedforest4deltatreeover moss covered hills

byfalltree-misteltoeclimb over walls

byfalltree-blackberrydisregard thorns

1304blum-4lilhyawalk the walk

steine-2012ametrineXXLclimb through rocks

tamedragonand dance wif dem dwagons!

i even thunked to send muhself via the mail!

1306-dovebut i did not fit in their box!

twee-hainbu-swinging2so maybe… you come and visits me!






One Response to “twying to be wif you!”

  1. this is so sweet and you look all cutie patootie everywhere on the pictures, so adorable little girl/bear! ❤

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