All Creatures Great and Small ~ BaBearian style


wot you maybe dont know or maybe you does, there was a tv show called all creatures great and small, that was about a vet praxis in northern England…

an when we travuls through the rural BaBearia, i am often remindeds of Siegfried and Tristan Farnon and James Herriot an sooooo,

i am playing a widdle All Creatures Great an Small in my blog now too *giggle-friggle*
driving by the street, i see a rooster or a hen, walksing by


13-animul-cock2the animul wooks fine tho,

so there is no need for muh veterinary interventunnn *giggles*


13rossmarkt81convoythese horsies wook all healthie too!

must be my gweat pveventive veterinary works *gigglefit*

circus-horsies2while these fellas need a bit morer of foodies, wight? wight!


animals_2ladybirds201206i may need to teach those ladybirds about contraceptunnn!



circus-pony1starthe pony wooks all wight too, even if its bwown *giggle snorts*


13-animul-sheep06-11whoa, sheepsies in da rain? let’s check thems out!


13-animul-sheep06-12they claim to be fit for duty, but thats my call wight? wight!


now Snow-White, wooks me in the eye please

13-animul-sheep06-29there you go, well done. you do wooks all wight too!


13-animul-sheep06-13okies, muh job is (well) done, buh-byes for now!

,13medplay11so now to my othur patient, in the surgery:

horsie sugar-cute!

i will tells you all about that in a future blog, tho, for it is late an i too need my beautie sweep, wight?







One Response to “All Creatures Great and Small ~ BaBearian style”

  1. this is a wonderful post and a beautiful homage to the series and books indeed! 😀 ❤

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