BaBearia & beer, a love story!

Peopol, as you all know i am livsing in BaBearia, and herer peopol are into beer. wike a wot!


Not only has every village or about every village their own brewery…


there are also beer-gardens everybear. (*giggle fun pun! everyBEAR, that is everywhere wif bear in it *giggles morer*)


Bear-gardens are a kind of summerly open, open-air retsaurants,  where you eat maybe wieners but basically come together to drink beer in a more or less rural openminded atmosphere.


So you will not be supwised, that beer is almost wike a religion in here, and that there is a whole culture built around beer. And of course there is bear gear (*giggle funky rhyme therer!*) like the famous BaBearian beer mugs.


And today Daddy TeddyTom4u supwised me wif an unscheduled photo-shoot wif 3 kinds of such beer-mugs, that are (by the by) up for sale!

1306-beermugs34As you can see there are mugs with a built in lid, so dem bees or wasps will not get dwunk on your money *giggle-fit* as well as the traditional mugs that are open. The two such open mugs co-incidentully are also used as marketing device, like coffee-mugs in less beer-devoted regions of the world. Such advertisement-mugs are their own collectors field.


but of coursie so are those with them lids. The one in the center of the picshure features scenes of the rural life, while the one on the wight (next to my paw) shows a rider on a horsie, who could easilie be a cowboy, the rider, not the horsie siwwy!  *giggle-snorts* Dont them mugs look all kinds of awesum? I fink that yes dems do, and you need one too!!!


Because Daddy pwomised me, that if i get one (or morer) sold, i get a pwovisunnn so if you want to make me a happsie teddie bear girl, then order one of those collector items, that come originully from BaBearia in Germany!!!!

flagge de anim gr






2 Responses to “BaBearia & beer, a love story!”

  1. But you are too young to drink beer, right? Those mugs must be so huge, bigger than you! 😀

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