Ocean Dream Spa Spoilage

Peopol, i am so fudging exciteds!!!!

i am sending you gweetings an salutatunnns from a new beautie spa i was inviteds to be testins, an all i can say is: it is dweamy an awesumsauce!


the Ocean Dream Spa follows its maritime theme in the design and equipement:

different shades of blue, plus clear white with sea-motives: beautimous!

dems peopol of da Ocean Dream Spa even tweated my gems and washesed my purse all clean! now that is what i call service!


got muh own spa-bracelet/anklet… welaxing in muh beary own pool

the ambiance of the Ocean Dream Spa is vewwy welaxing an calming. Especullies after all the stress on them market days…. 

130616market_backstagebackstage on the market, twying to help Daddy TeddyTom4u

… i was all happsie to be treated in that comfortins an recreatiunuls ways


1306spa-oceandream44Of course i did not only get a beary smoof full faculls, i also got a treatement for my whole bear body!

(fun pun!, *giggle-friggle*)



i can only recommend that beauty and R+R spa to all of you!!!



2 Responses to “Ocean Dream Spa Spoilage”

  1. such a fantastic post, it looks very tempting and your beautiful prettiness is the best advertisement for the spa, right? 😀

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