A summer stroll by the riverette


when summer suddenly reared her head into our neck of woods, and butt-faced us wif all dat heat, we needed a widdles of dem cools an so we went for a stroll by the riverette. herer are my beary impwessuns for you!


beautimous flowers embracing the rays of sunshine…


1306-riverette21while Poppy and i seek out the shade of a twee!

*giggle*, did you gte the fun pun?

Poppy, as in Daddy, and the flower! *giggle-fit*

1306-riverette13BaBearias blue and white reflecting in the riverette…

as i turn my beary back to civilizatunnn…

1306-riverette12deeply enjoysing the wilderness and her reflectuns!






One Response to “A summer stroll by the riverette”

  1. such a beautiful walk through the country, thank you for sharing 😀 ❤

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