Winnie the Pooh photoshoot and an abduction!


you can imagine how happsie i was when i had been scheduled for a photo-shoot co-modeling with other stuffies and also Winnie the Pooh!

1307TXconnection09l > r: brownbear van hauten, horsie sugarcute, fish rupert and meeheee

Us models met before for an informal briefing, getting to know each other, exchanging experiences and chit chatting. The pic from that phase is rather fuzzy, it is just a snapshot of some fun backstage time!

1307TXconnection81winnypoohwooksie: he is ticklurtings meeee!


i got beary exciteds when i heard i would be posings with Winnie and his staff – they are BIBs: beary important bearsonalities after all.

*giggles: fun pun: instead of VIP, BIB giggles morer*

but to my supwise Winnie and his friends were all laid back and easie going. During the shoot, Winnie grabbed behind my head and ear and ticklurteds meeheee! i was giggle friggling a lot! shooting withem Poohbear-gang was genuinly awesome!


Now it was time to regroup for the Texas Connection picture shoot. Because well you see, the horsie sugarcute has a twin sister in Texas, and both van hauten and rupert are real Texan boys who joined Daddy TeddyTom4u and me to live with us in the BaBearian tundra! And since Winnie and his friends had been so much fun, i inviteds them ova to our shoot!



So we got all comfy in the beddie an had so much fun when suddenly out of no-where a giant black panther appearsed!



And SHOCK – HORROR AND SUPWIZE!!!!! suddenly


rupert the fish was gone, and so was the panther! we all were so shocksed, see? well Daddy TeddyTom4u to the rescue, and 

1307rupertluckily rupert could be found beforer somefing worser could have happunsed!

1307TXconnection91exhausted and happies we all had a good nite sweeps, with Winnie and his fwends pwotecting we. 

see? being a model can be sometimes dangerous an demanding.

but thank goodness there was a happy ending an by the by, no-one was hurted during the shoot








2 Responses to “Winnie the Pooh photoshoot and an abduction!”

  1. the panther was probably hungry but you are the sweetest and cutest B.I.B. ever! ❤

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