Hungry houses … kinda scawy!

Peopol, some housies are making faces, you must has noticesed, wight? wight.


Well but there are sometimes housies, that wook all hungwy wike, an thats kjinda beary scawy too! On my travels i have seen many an one of those, an i will shares  afew picshures wif you… an you will see for yourself how scawy dat is!

1307hungryhouses11that church with its anti-smiley frown mouth all open….


1307hungryhouses91the green leafy scarf cannot mask its hunger!!!


1307hungryhouses22that blue make up cannot fools me…

1307hungryhouses21wooksie: it IS all hungwie and scawie!!!


1307hungryhouses81the tower in the back-ground sneaks up on its prey *eeep*


travels2012-86-nm-greenhouse1morer of the camouflage, but wooksie at that big ole mouf!


housesfun2-DaddyWiddlesan the housie on top eating the small one? 


travels12-86-92334-tower1well an this one… say no more, the gob is all wide alweady!!

an imagine how much more scawy it is to pose in proximity to those hungwie houses!!!!

bw55-onhatbut wucky me i has a Daddy to pwotect me!






One Response to “Hungry houses … kinda scawy!”

  1. so scary! you are so brave Sweetie!! 😀 ❤

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