rawr! …or: how to tame a dinosaur!


in todays ‘Do It Yourself’ blog i wanna adwess an issue everyone is confronteds wif at one point or the other in your life. When you meet with a dinosaur, how can you tames it?


So the first step is to get informsed. what kinda fella do we have to do with. what is their name, where are they fwom, an wot do they wike


Now that you have a back-gwound check, you go and meet them in their natural habitat. Because there, they will be themselves, and you are bestlie preBEARsed for that, wight? wight. Just be yourself and be self-confident. It is their pleasure to meet you, as it is for you to meet them!


just say hello to them, it will grab their attention. wike i did herer: hewwo, i am doucette. how are you

and you will be supwized how they will react all fwendlies

oooh wot, a glamours girl bear visits mean ole me?

look for what you have in common, not what makes you fifferent. wike dino and i both are awesome in our own ways, an we bof have our beary spechial fans…. so that gave us somefing to talk about an bweak the ice, and so the chit chat was all nice!


if you wanna know somefing, ask wespectfullies. you will see they will be happy to answer your beary questunnns

wike i asksed: say: are dinos ticklurtish too? no? mind if i twy?

13sola-dino32lets go and find a ticklish spot….

13sola-dino34therer! wooksie, made dino dance and giggle and wiggle

once you found such common ground, you will part as bestest friends, and there is no question about it:


RAWR does mean I LOVE YOU in donosaur



2 Responses to “rawr! …or: how to tame a dinosaur!”

  1. LOL! what a sweet post!!!! this is awesome, love it! love you Sweetie! ❤

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