you cant be squeamish… being a model (3)


you has alweady read on my blogs in the past how challenging the job of a model can be. My fans know fwom my blogs that you has to be always preBearsed to go on a not scheduled photo-shoot, even if it is weavy beary earlie in the mornings… the photographers expect you to look your bestest!

HK-party-boa1clock3 past 7 am: dwessed and maked-up, weady for a photo-shoot


The photo-shoots often take long hours, and can go to late at night. Modeling suwa is not for the comfy or lazy ones


late at night, still posings wif jewelry an stuff… wooksing my bestest!


One has to brave every weathur on tops. Shoots in the snow can be rather comfy, like when you are dressed up to make an appearence on skis


advertizing a chocolate company in St. Bearitz (burrr so cold tho!)


but don’t you fink the snow shoots are always nuffing but funs. sometimes you are confronted wif snow storms, an still must wear the beary brave face… seeheee?

lapiswinterthe lapis lazuli necklace (by my footsies) is still available, btw.

 if you buy it you get a discount & i get a pwovisunnn!

[lapis necklace, 925 silver clasps. regular retail price 98 USD plus shipping,

doucette discounted price 77 USD incl worldwide shipping]


Sometimes you have to dare to walk on thin ice *literally* and sit there, waiting for them shots be made….

walking to the frozen chanel on a crisp winters day…



sitting and wooksing wike it was not cold, while its freezing!!!!!



posing wif an disk of ice by my back, burrr so cold!!!!!


You will meet scawy scenarios… wike dis one, where i met a twee, that had been bad or sumfing, since it was rope bound and caged!!!!!!!


hoping i wont fall into the cage muh-self… scawy!


sometimes you will have to be uber-brave, and poses above an abyss….


the pic does not show how steep the abyss were!



a bridge over still, deep waters… holdin out to dem wood-planks!!

or up in trees,


sitting by a baby apple, twying not to fall off… like ripe fruit



climbing a giant tree in a dark forest…



all “dwunk” wike from the fregrance… must not fall, must not!

sometimes even surrounded by thorns…


owie, dem stings in muh fur n stuff!!! still wearing a happsie face


Seehee, it is not always nice and glamorous to be a model…. but we models still does our job, always looking and giving our bestest, an soooooooooo when we do get a treat or two,


fan mail wif treats for meeheeee, its wike X-Mas for meeheeee



sweets for muh sweet toof… i do deservese it,  wight?? wight!!!!

don’t just envy us, but think of wot we have to do, too… it is work but we do it wif dedicatunnn!






2 Responses to “you cant be squeamish… being a model (3)”

  1. it is all so true Doucette, you truly show what nobody really thinks of 😀 ❤

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