far away… where hobbits live!

i wandered and wandered,

many streets and paths i roamed

wandered over hills and mountains

through fields and swam through rivers

until i finally found a land

far, far away

where hobbits live!

13tor4-hobit10secluded by a hill, or is it built into it?

13tor4-hobit51trees and flowers every-bear

*giggles* fun pun, everywhere with bear in it! *giggle-fit*

13tor4-hobit31the path-way framed by blooming beauty galore

13tor4-hobit41the bars cannot hold the beauty caged: it spreads out fragrantly

13tor4-hobit20and the house itself also is surrounded by beauty unmatched





2 Responses to “far away… where hobbits live!”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and amazing, thank you for sharing this with us Sweetie ❤

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