teddie doucette: peace-maker at the riverette

Peopol, herer is wot weavy happunsed. i was walking on a bridge over troubled water, when i heard those sad screams for help. there was a wot of sniffeling an dem sads and fears. an since i am a bear too, i rushed therer saysing: doucette to the wescue!


it was not long before i found them distressed flowers cwysing about how a bully bulldozer is intimidatings dem, threatening to push them offf shore into the water!

1307riverette-bridge2wot? that is an outwage!!!

i was so shocksed, but also quite agitateds. it is so mean to intimidate others, and to threaten them wike that! grrrrrr GRRRRRRR!

1307riverette-bridge3grrrr GRRRRR GRRRRIZZLY!

i decided that enough is enough and that i would take matturs in my own paws. the twee gave me some of its strength and pointed me in the wight diwectunnn!

1307riverette-pilzhewwo Mr Shroom, i shall helps you soon!

blades of grass, and other widdle plants were so happsie to hear, someone heard their screams and would helps them. Misturrr Shroom was very desperate too. How sads is that! all them planties hiding in fear. gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

1307riverette-bridge4no-one bullies my friends and gets away wif it!

i was determined to bring an end to this injustice! bullies only act as if they were strong, in fact they are weaklings! i didnt fear that bully no matter what his size was! show yourself, coward! i darsed him. i found him hiding, shaking behind a shed!


13sola-dono47you fink you can intimidates me? i am friends with fierce dinosaurs!

1307riverette-bully1pffft, you cannot intimidate a bearrrrrr, you mean ole bully!

i grabbed his arms and wrestled them down with my bear paws (*giggles, fun pun. did you get it? bare hands are bear paws in teddy language) and scolded him good. if you dont stop being such a meanie awound here, i will teach you a lesson! i thundered. he tried one last attempt of defiance, and asked wot i would do about it? – but he got the wong one with such a BRATtitude!

linie firewall anim

without further ado, i jumped on his shoulder, and yanked his ear with all my might! he wailed and screamed and pleaded for me to let go!

1307riverette-bully2i will only let go if you pwomise to be a good boy fwom now on!

after quite some begging and lots of tearful pwomises to neburrr eburrr even threaten, let alone cause any harm to any of  my fwends, i finallie let go but had him appologize to each and every little he had been mean to beforer. he had learned a lesson or two, because he pwomised them an me, he would now be their pwotector! what a change of pace!

1307riverette-bridge5knowing i had saved my fwends an also helpsed a former bully to use his strength in a positive way i smiled fwom one ear to another. it feels good to be a widdle hewo, fwom time to time, too! so if you wanna know how gwand it feels to be a peace maker, do not allow bullies to eburrr get away wif deir scawy tactics. wight? wight!






2 Responses to “teddie doucette: peace-maker at the riverette”

  1. You are so right and so brave, what an adventure you had again little Doucette! 😀 ❤

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