doucie in the skies with diamonds


you may be wondering, wot is doucette doesing the whole day on a market day, when she is helpsing her Daddy TeddyTom4u during vending events. well, sowwie to disappoints, but that stuff is top secwet!

not the Mona Lisa, more like the Money Doucetta *giggle*

not the Mona Lisa, more like the Money Doucetta *giggle*

guarding Daddy’s money like a guard-bear!

But what i do can tells you, is wot i do on my break time, in between worksing – and sometimes even during works, but then its strictlie business, and lesser of the fun!

13-DSD253climbing under the roof of the tent, balancing over precious gems!

13-DSD318pwesenting Mrs Teddy’s handmade hand-bags –

13-DSD293balancing act between roof-tops of the vending tents

13-DSD319being doucie in the skies with diamonds!

13-DSD7294and seeing the world, fwom a fifferent BEARspective!


so now you know morer of wot my life on them markets is all abouts, wight? wight!


oh and by the by, these unique hand-crafted hand-bags are all still up for sale, and Daddy TeddyTom4u said, that if i helps sell one fru my blog, i get a nice pwovisunnn, an i wike me some nice pwovisunn, an so, if you would wanna have  ahand-bag like no othur, send Daddy a mail to an make the purchase… you do know you wanna!






One Response to “doucie in the skies with diamonds”

  1. lol! you are so sweet to help your daddy like that and keep his mood up. Bravo! ❤

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