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yesteryears farming tools

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yesteryears farming was not all about cute widdle twactors.


It was also quite the physical work. They did not have work-out gyms back then for a beary good weason. The day to day work was work-out enough! Most of the work implements and machines have long gone by, but some have survivsed and they give us a faint idea how harsh being a farmer used to be.

130-farmtool2-17406this trolley must has been useds to carry barrels around, one at a time.
I re-used it as a swing


i can only imagines what this was useds for. maybe it’s fertlizer?
wooksie, its a kind of full metal wheel barrow
 and on top of the bottle, you can see, dancing bear doucie

*giggles morer*

in the back-ground you can see big and huge sacks of produce
and how they used to be hauled about in wooden wheel-barrows

130-farmtool3-17407that is a tad bit too hard work for me, the widdle bear doucie…

so i prefer to be sitting on the sun roof of wooks wike a motorized fertilizer

130-farmtool4-17408a plow and other farming tools.

and happy doucette not to have to work those!

~ whew! *giggles shylie* ~


130-farmtool5-17409enjoying the sun and that we has not to work-out…

are another plow: now full metal with a small wheel,

and furry widdle me! *giggles morerer*


130-farmtool6-17410this wooks wike its fwom some torture chamber *eeeep*


130-farmtool7-17411wondering what the cystern one was for. the other is a 3 rows plow
and to the left we has a comb for giants



well all that thinking about how much hard work farming used to be, for suwa made me all thirsty. But thankfullie, some things never change, wike the gweat beers they brew in BaBearia, wight?







all cweatures great & small, à la deutz-twactor

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you obviouslies know that i am big into twactors. Of coursie i am just a widdle baby bear. Howeburrr luckilies them twactors are rathur on the Big side and so it makes for a beautifullies harmony when we poses togethurrrr.


  What is beary funnsie also about them twactors is the fact, that each brand sticks to their chosen color pwetty much. An today i will shows you all cweatures gweat and small in gween, the Deutz-Fahr way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BY b.y .

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No worsies peopol, i am not gosing away!

BY is the shortcut for Bavaria (Bayern) and b.y. the short cut for back yard,  an since our back yard is in Bavaria, i just had to pun wike this… wight? wight!


*ROFL* literallies too!!!! *giggles*


Today I will show you what abundant beauty there is in the back yard, when you dont use pesticides and herbicides and wot othur form of genocides some stoopid peopol are using, along with flame-throwers and wot not to get rid of weeds. well, newsflash: weed is just stuff that is growsing of which you have not yet discovered wot it is all goodie for! so let it grow, i tells you!

13flowers-yard-yellow1yellow delight in mids of a green paradize: all sorts of nice!


13flowers-yard-purple12purple daisies wike, along my way

and all them gweens defying the path’s boring gray


13flowers-yard-purple3lilac2sometimes you need to climb, up the twigs of bushes

and you will get blessed with wild lilac fragrance 

which is so totally worth it!

13flowers-yard-purple2lilachere i am getting weady and preBEARSed,

to be bathing in them perfumes of lilac and apple blooms

add to that green galores, and yellow spots, no siw, i will not get boresed!

13flowers-yard-poppyRd3xending my lil stroll at these 3 red poppy flowers:

one is young, one is a happy camper and one is aged

but all hold secwet powers. and there are the ones

yet waiting to bloom, an if you have the patience?

you will see it soon!





a village, getting pre-bearsed

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*giggle*, fun! fun pun! got it? got IT? prebearsed, thats pepared with bear in it! *giggle-snorts*

so, fun pun aside, peopol,

this blog is showing you, how a small village in BaBearia which’s name translates to Upper Stone Creek is getting ready to throw one awesome-sauce festival, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their tractor restauration club.

130-frame-17396-flagagreeing on last minute instructions under the bear flag

On Sunday August 18th the whole village of some 150 people were presenting their farm-yards and streets to harbor dozens of vintage tractors but also featuring a farm market with food and other attractions… all under the flag of the white smiling bear on a red banner, the mascot sign of the Schlüter tractors. 

neatly laminated a4 signs announced the attractions

that would be presented at said yard
,130-frame-17414-kidsmaking suwa them littles have their fun too:
a bouncing castle the shape of a baby elifunt
and tiny tractors to sit on, ride and have fun wif!
130-frame-17394-food-streetvis-a-vis them vintage twactors:
transforming the main street & a barn there to the food central


and the sun smiles down on us all…130-frame-17390foodyard
(back street view of the food central barn)
the main attraction: yesteryears tractors frame each yard;
the villagers getting the food central barn neat and ready

the yards thoroughly cleaned, the grass neatly cut
 the tractor attractions are being set in place…


…every-bear ~*giggles at the fun pun*


130-frame-17435incoming1welcoming the tractor owners, making sure they feel welcome
while there is a ton more incoming already greeted by awed visitors


last minute instructions: no stressing, just pure friendliness everybear
and also me, sitting under a farmers hat on a twactor seat





Picshure Challange by LaBelleStudio: camouflage

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a blog i absolutely adore is that of LaBelleStudio, an i make suwa i dont miss out any of her awesomesauce posties (an neither should you misses any of dem, just saysing!) An now she has made a picshure challenge themed camouflage, see?1308camo-schleierhidden behind a vail, could you tell?

An so I am now making my entry by posting picshures wherer i am all secludeds wike, an you have the pleasure to try an tell where i am secludings myself, playsing the fun game of spotting the doucette!

130-17478booth2Daddy TeddyTom4u’s market booth on Su. Aug 18th 2013

and meeheee, hiding behind a mug of beer – can you see’s me?


130618WV92334-16946and herer under the owange pop-up gazzebbo… can you spot me?


1307riverette-bully2can you find me camouflaged on the owange bulldozer?


baywa1208-house63my clutch gives me away herer a widdle *giggles*


flowers-1206taigaspoils-48hiding in a sea of flowers, where is da doucette at?

*giggles morer*


1308camo-twillightalmost invisible: hiding out in the twillight!


travels86-defensewall14083playing blimvisibul! *giggles-lots*


dwunkonthebooth3in the naughty corner, feeling all sowwie! & wishing i were invisibul 

luckilie for me, i am not that often in that naughty corner

cuz i am rarely in twuble cuz i am a good girl bear, wight? wight!


veggieday-doucette-springgardenwell camouflaged against the oranges on the wall-paper 


1308beddie-camototal camo with a doucette-peachie blankie!

you would not have sportted me above, if i did not hints you, wight?



*giggles morererer*





130 picshures!

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i am so fudging exciteds i can bearly contain myself! – did you catch the fun pun? barely with bear in it = bearly! – ahem, anyways! i am so exciteds cuz cuz cuz cuz on Sunday, August 18th Daddy an i attended a farm market accompanying the 25th anniversary of a local yesteryears tractor club.

130-schildthe Schlüter twactor club has a BEAR as their mascot! an Daddy has meheee!

An though we had a booth therer, we managed to sneaks away on a few picshure taking/modeling sprees, (many thanks to Daddy’s collegue Pete for watching our booth during absence times an also the fun day we had togethurrr wif BaBearian beer an all!)

130-17372_MANcollegue Pete and Daddys caws getting ready in the morning –

an me on an M.A.N. twactor posings all happsies

 an so we brought back home 130 picsures of meheee and them beautimous restaurated twactors an stuff!

130-17373_MANidyllic ole farm housies, framing the M.A.N. twactor from yesteryear –

an modern me!     *giggles*

130-17416_tractorsthere were twactors everybear! (an mehee too!)

so now Daddy an i use our rare spare time to go fru dem picshures an compose dem to intewesting blogs so you can share our joy for them ever-gween twactors, wight? wight! stay tuned, it will be worth it – pwomise!





He who…

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This one, peopol, is some wisdom from the past that is just as true today, as it were in Granny’s time

so here goes wisdom of all times 

He, who does the works, knows what is its worth

an so you peopol dont accuses me of spreading rumors, i will attach picshures provsing my point, all scientifics wike, wight? wight!

shoehorn, hand-sweeper and broom, all will be tidy soon!


digging my way down under *giggle*


gardening in the back yard…

does it make me a yardener? or maybe a bucketeer?
*giggle fit*

1307riverette-bully2driving a bulldozer, feeling like Bob the Builder!

12food-sushi1-11herer I am the Sushi-chef *giggle, fun pun!*

got it? GOT IT? it is like sous-chef and sushi *giggle-snorts*

13medplay11being Doctor Doucie-little *giggle-like-caweyzey*

got it? that fun pun again? Doctor Dolittle and doucette in one! *giggle-lots*

13oldie-jewishmeet Rabbi doucette, preaching to the choir