B.S.B. à la doucette!

nohooo, peopol, this blog isnt bout dem Back Stweet Boys…

this blog is about Back Stweet Bloomers:


flowers and such beauties, blooming secluded in the back streets and back yards…


13BSB111in between housies, behind parked caws,

 you can discover these  flowery staws!


13BSB121 a house all pink with a gawage and on top of it

more pink ‘n’ magenta staws!

the housie to the left, a pale shade of gween

an behind the picket fence, grows a yellow dweam!


13BSB131a balcony transformed into a sun deck or a patio,

who cares, bout the term, wike what the heck!

and the boring beige of the houses front, is beautified

by many flowerery pots!

13BSB141but therer is still morer, they have flowers galore

not just on the balcony, but also by their door

they transformed a pathway, secluded behind walls

into a flower paradize of sorts!

13BSB161even a small window,with its blue side space

offers for them blooming flowers such an amazing place


13BSB151off of public view, few peopol have it good

behind high walls their houses, secluded like they stood

and before their eyes, what others call just yard

magically transforms, into a serene nice park


after such a stroll, me the teddie girl

i need me some nice yumsies

cuz i am hungwies wike a bear!


luckie me, my Daddy
does not wike sushi
an an an so, there is more for mehee!
teehee, and fank you for making them
all yummsilie, to Mrs Teddy!

wight? wight!


2 Responses to “B.S.B. à la doucette!”

  1. what a beautiful walk you had Sweetie, you show all the beautiful flower decorations and you remain the prettiest and loveliest of all! ❤

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