a pot of luck!


you sure will feel just like a duck,

swimming in a pond,

thinking how hard is it to find your luck,

and of it to stay fond



it does take a widdle teddie girl

to show you a little, some of the way

how to enjoy this beautiful world

and every moment there is today!



sometimes they are round, 

those pools of fun,


sometimes they are square

but always they are filled galore

with flowers who say: we care!

flowers-1208-19sometimes they are tiny, sometimes they are tall

may grow in boring pots, or in those of shiny colors


flowers-1208-21some pots are made of clay

flowers-1206taigaspoils-22some are made of iron cast

flowers-1204beetsome are just for one season

flowerdeco1207-41others are built to last

flowers-1208-11but what they have in common


each and every one


they are pots filled with happiness and luck


enjoy them,


they are fun!






One Response to “a pot of luck!”

  1. so many fans and they have inspired you to a beautiful flowery blog too! you are such a cutie patootie! ❤ 😀

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