He who…

This one, peopol, is some wisdom from the past that is just as true today, as it were in Granny’s time

so here goes wisdom of all times 

He, who does the works, knows what is its worth

an so you peopol dont accuses me of spreading rumors, i will attach picshures provsing my point, all scientifics wike, wight? wight!

shoehorn, hand-sweeper and broom, all will be tidy soon!


digging my way down under *giggle*


gardening in the back yard…

does it make me a yardener? or maybe a bucketeer?
*giggle fit*

1307riverette-bully2driving a bulldozer, feeling like Bob the Builder!

12food-sushi1-11herer I am the Sushi-chef *giggle, fun pun!*

got it? GOT IT? it is like sous-chef and sushi *giggle-snorts*

13medplay11being Doctor Doucie-little *giggle-like-caweyzey*

got it? that fun pun again? Doctor Dolittle and doucette in one! *giggle-lots*

13oldie-jewishmeet Rabbi doucette, preaching to the choir






2 Responses to “He who…”

  1. “bucketeer” LOL! you are so cute and sweet, and as you just demonstrated wise as well! ❤

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