130 picshures!



i am so fudging exciteds i can bearly contain myself! – did you catch the fun pun? barely with bear in it = bearly! – ahem, anyways! i am so exciteds cuz cuz cuz cuz on Sunday, August 18th Daddy an i attended a farm market accompanying the 25th anniversary of a local yesteryears tractor club.

130-schildthe Schlüter twactor club has a BEAR as their mascot! an Daddy has meheee!

An though we had a booth therer, we managed to sneaks away on a few picshure taking/modeling sprees, (many thanks to Daddy’s collegue Pete for watching our booth during absence times an also the fun day we had togethurrr wif BaBearian beer an all!)

130-17372_MANcollegue Pete and Daddys caws getting ready in the morning –

an me on an M.A.N. twactor posings all happsies

 an so we brought back home 130 picsures of meheee and them beautimous restaurated twactors an stuff!

130-17373_MANidyllic ole farm housies, framing the M.A.N. twactor from yesteryear –

an modern me!     *giggles*

130-17416_tractorsthere were twactors everybear! (an mehee too!)

so now Daddy an i use our rare spare time to go fru dem picshures an compose dem to intewesting blogs so you can share our joy for them ever-gween twactors, wight? wight! stay tuned, it will be worth it – pwomise!






One Response to “130 picshures!”

  1. I can´t wait to see all the pictures, this is so exciting! You had another great adventure Sweetie! ❤

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