Picshure Challange by LaBelleStudio: camouflage


a blog i absolutely adore is that of LaBelleStudio, an i make suwa i dont miss out any of her awesomesauce posties (an neither should you misses any of dem, just saysing!) An now she has made a picshure challenge themed camouflage, see?1308camo-schleierhidden behind a vail, could you tell?

An so I am now making my entry by posting picshures wherer i am all secludeds wike, an you have the pleasure to try an tell where i am secludings myself, playsing the fun game of spotting the doucette!

130-17478booth2Daddy TeddyTom4u’s market booth on Su. Aug 18th 2013

and meeheee, hiding behind a mug of beer – can you see’s me?


130618WV92334-16946and herer under the owange pop-up gazzebbo… can you spot me?


1307riverette-bully2can you find me camouflaged on the owange bulldozer?


baywa1208-house63my clutch gives me away herer a widdle *giggles*


flowers-1206taigaspoils-48hiding in a sea of flowers, where is da doucette at?

*giggles morer*


1308camo-twillightalmost invisible: hiding out in the twillight!


travels86-defensewall14083playing blimvisibul! *giggles-lots*


dwunkonthebooth3in the naughty corner, feeling all sowwie! & wishing i were invisibul 

luckilie for me, i am not that often in that naughty corner

cuz i am rarely in twuble cuz i am a good girl bear, wight? wight!


veggieday-doucette-springgardenwell camouflaged against the oranges on the wall-paper 


1308beddie-camototal camo with a doucette-peachie blankie!

you would not have sportted me above, if i did not hints you, wight?



*giggles morererer*






One Response to “Picshure Challange by LaBelleStudio: camouflage”

  1. this is so adorable Doucette! and I believe I was able to spot you everywhere,I think…. Thank you Sweetie! 😀 ❤

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