a village, getting pre-bearsed

*giggle*, fun! fun pun! got it? got IT? prebearsed, thats pepared with bear in it! *giggle-snorts*

so, fun pun aside, peopol,

this blog is showing you, how a small village in BaBearia which’s name translates to Upper Stone Creek is getting ready to throw one awesome-sauce festival, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their tractor restauration club.

130-frame-17396-flagagreeing on last minute instructions under the bear flag

On Sunday August 18th the whole village of some 150 people were presenting their farm-yards and streets to harbor dozens of vintage tractors but also featuring a farm market with food and other attractions… all under the flag of the white smiling bear on a red banner, the mascot sign of the Schlüter tractors. 

neatly laminated a4 signs announced the attractions

that would be presented at said yard
,130-frame-17414-kidsmaking suwa them littles have their fun too:
a bouncing castle the shape of a baby elifunt
and tiny tractors to sit on, ride and have fun wif!
130-frame-17394-food-streetvis-a-vis them vintage twactors:
transforming the main street & a barn there to the food central


and the sun smiles down on us all…130-frame-17390foodyard
(back street view of the food central barn)
the main attraction: yesteryears tractors frame each yard;
the villagers getting the food central barn neat and ready

the yards thoroughly cleaned, the grass neatly cut
 the tractor attractions are being set in place…


…every-bear ~*giggles at the fun pun*


130-frame-17435incoming1welcoming the tractor owners, making sure they feel welcome
while there is a ton more incoming already greeted by awed visitors


last minute instructions: no stressing, just pure friendliness everybear
and also me, sitting under a farmers hat on a twactor seat






One Response to “a village, getting pre-bearsed”

  1. this is so exciting Sweetie, thank you for showing this old-timers! 😀

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