BY b.y .

No worsies peopol, i am not gosing away!

BY is the shortcut for Bavaria (Bayern) and b.y. the short cut for back yard,  an since our back yard is in Bavaria, i just had to pun wike this… wight? wight!


*ROFL* literallies too!!!! *giggles*


Today I will show you what abundant beauty there is in the back yard, when you dont use pesticides and herbicides and wot othur form of genocides some stoopid peopol are using, along with flame-throwers and wot not to get rid of weeds. well, newsflash: weed is just stuff that is growsing of which you have not yet discovered wot it is all goodie for! so let it grow, i tells you!

13flowers-yard-yellow1yellow delight in mids of a green paradize: all sorts of nice!


13flowers-yard-purple12purple daisies wike, along my way

and all them gweens defying the path’s boring gray


13flowers-yard-purple3lilac2sometimes you need to climb, up the twigs of bushes

and you will get blessed with wild lilac fragrance 

which is so totally worth it!

13flowers-yard-purple2lilachere i am getting weady and preBEARSed,

to be bathing in them perfumes of lilac and apple blooms

add to that green galores, and yellow spots, no siw, i will not get boresed!

13flowers-yard-poppyRd3xending my lil stroll at these 3 red poppy flowers:

one is young, one is a happy camper and one is aged

but all hold secwet powers. and there are the ones

yet waiting to bloom, an if you have the patience?

you will see it soon!






2 Responses to “BY b.y .”

  1. beautiful blog Sweetie but I have to ask you something, what is this little orange flower called that you show on each picture? 😀 ❤

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