yesteryears farming tools


yesteryears farming was not all about cute widdle twactors.


It was also quite the physical work. They did not have work-out gyms back then for a beary good weason. The day to day work was work-out enough! Most of the work implements and machines have long gone by, but some have survivsed and they give us a faint idea how harsh being a farmer used to be.

130-farmtool2-17406this trolley must has been useds to carry barrels around, one at a time.
I re-used it as a swing


i can only imagines what this was useds for. maybe it’s fertlizer?
wooksie, its a kind of full metal wheel barrow
 and on top of the bottle, you can see, dancing bear doucie

*giggles morer*

in the back-ground you can see big and huge sacks of produce
and how they used to be hauled about in wooden wheel-barrows

130-farmtool3-17407that is a tad bit too hard work for me, the widdle bear doucie…

so i prefer to be sitting on the sun roof of wooks wike a motorized fertilizer

130-farmtool4-17408a plow and other farming tools.

and happy doucette not to have to work those!

~ whew! *giggles shylie* ~


130-farmtool5-17409enjoying the sun and that we has not to work-out…

are another plow: now full metal with a small wheel,

and furry widdle me! *giggles morerer*


130-farmtool6-17410this wooks wike its fwom some torture chamber *eeeep*


130-farmtool7-17411wondering what the cystern one was for. the other is a 3 rows plow
and to the left we has a comb for giants



well all that thinking about how much hard work farming used to be, for suwa made me all thirsty. But thankfullie, some things never change, wike the gweat beers they brew in BaBearia, wight?







One Response to “yesteryears farming tools”

  1. you have found yourself a very nice playground Sweetie, it is so exciting to see all these old devices. Incredible! ❤

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