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the dream of a steam powered machine…

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when Daddy an i attended the farm market with them yesteryears twactors, we also discovered quite an attwactunnnn, an that atwactunnnn was a dweam of a steam powered machine! An since such stuff of yesteryear has become quite rare in our modern times, this blog is dedicated to this steam engine that used to power a mechanical threshing device.


a bit blurry but the pic shows how huges the machine was…

what a hotty! and well meeee *giggles*


herer is a much better and sharper view of the whole steam machine,

the transmission strap leading to the wooden thresher

(and on the wheel? that is meeeee *giggles morer*)


sitting on the rear end machinery of the steamy guy! *giggle-friggle*


another bear-spective (fun pun: perspective wif bear in it) *giggle-lots*


frontal and side view of the steam machine and well: me!



and if you are anything wike me, you cannot get enough of that hot steamy powerful stuff, an an then? you just click the slide show bellow and enjoy the show!



what starts with F and ends with UCK?

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130-firet1-17482herer they come, herer where doucette is awaitings them! yes i am!!

It is FiretrUCK of coursie


and what goes bestest wif Firetruck? a fire-tractor!!!!


dont roll over me, Beethoven 

so at that yesteryears tractors meeting, they also showed quite somefing spechullllzzzzz, and that was yesteryears fire-brigade equipment.

130-firet2-17483taking a closer wook at the impwessive equipment in acshunnnn!

And Daddy TeddyTom4u and meheee sneaksed therer and snapped a few picshures wif me before them mechanical fire-fighting machines

130-firet3-17484an Eicher Diesel twactor pulling an original yesteryears

fire-brigade mechanical water throwing pump

got teddie doucette (that’s me) an them peopol all stunned!


130-firet5-17487this Fiat Panda has been made into a mini-fire-brigade-twuck

can you spots me in the picshure? 

i am wondering, whethur the man at the cigarette machine knows, that the fire-truck 

is getting ready to unlight his smokes, tho. *giggle-lots*