what starts with F and ends with UCK?


130-firet1-17482herer they come, herer where doucette is awaitings them! yes i am!!

It is FiretrUCK of coursie


and what goes bestest wif Firetruck? a fire-tractor!!!!


dont roll over me, Beethoven 

so at that yesteryears tractors meeting, they also showed quite somefing spechullllzzzzz, and that was yesteryears fire-brigade equipment.

130-firet2-17483taking a closer wook at the impwessive equipment in acshunnnn!

And Daddy TeddyTom4u and meheee sneaksed therer and snapped a few picshures wif me before them mechanical fire-fighting machines

130-firet3-17484an Eicher Diesel twactor pulling an original yesteryears

fire-brigade mechanical water throwing pump

got teddie doucette (that’s me) an them peopol all stunned!


130-firet5-17487this Fiat Panda has been made into a mini-fire-brigade-twuck

can you spots me in the picshure? 

i am wondering, whethur the man at the cigarette machine knows, that the fire-truck 

is getting ready to unlight his smokes, tho. *giggle-lots*


2 Responses to “what starts with F and ends with UCK?”

  1. this is so wonderful, you help us discover how it looked like a century or so ago. Thank you for sharing Sweetie and you look prettier than ever! ❤

  2. fankuuu for the nice comment


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