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Samhain 2013

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Samhain 2013

see Her dance the dance of light
feel Her dance in dark delight
hear the beat as it moves your feet
there shall be Victory and not defeat!

Get engulfed in Her mystery
sense the blood of your ancestry
Whose are you daughter, whose are you son
Battles that are fought, are fought to be won!

torments have there been galore
painful lectures left you sore
feel the pressure forming coal
into a diamond shining forth

dim’s the light, coldness creeps in
feel Her dance and just join in
shake the troubles of the past
become the diamond forged to last

dance the dance in love’s delight
your ancestors help defeats your fright
come next year you’ll fight the fight
to become a beacon of Her light

(c) 2013


Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain and a Merry New Pagan Year






high voltage – mortal danger!

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you would not believe how dangerous a models work can be! but take my word for it!

In todays episode of 


i will shows you my Septembers adventure photo-shoot in a mortal danger area!

i am not exeggeratins eithur, wooksie, the sign says so!

1309-trafo01the sign reads translated: “high voltage – mortal danger”

well to get to this restricted area, i had to climb a beary dangerous and steep staircase, and it was quite a challenge to not falls down. i will admit i was quite scarsed too

1309-trafo11a dark staircase, and steep stairs… i felt like an acrobat :-s

1309-trafo21we took a pic from a window so you can see how high up i were

so beary scarie!

behind the big door… (I showed you beforer)


an even more scarie area avaited us! wooksie!!!

1309-trafo33all that electricities and voltage and spider webs n stuff!

1309-trafo32wuns, wuns fastlies, i tells you!!!!!!

it took my all beary bravery to not wike pee my panties wight then and therer!


once i was downstairs an outside, i just had to replentish muhself and so i ate them most delicious black-berries. it is twue, dems have thorns, but they are by far less spookies then the other locatunnn,  wight?







Precember calls!

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long time no update from me, an so if you were worsied bouts me, i am so sowwie! i has been a busy widdle cookie, all wrappsed up in them activities of autumn in BaBearia, namelies Precember…

 dont let the sunny weathur fools you, its beary cold!

The outside temps are quite cold an so i got preBEARsed by eating a sepchial meal made just for me, in my beary own, owange pot! wooksie it was served on a plate just for me too!


oooh i stuffed muhself, i can tells you. afterwards i felt wike a stuffie  *giggles*

With that solid foundatunnn of yummies in muh tummy i could face  an outdoor  photoshoot to help promote muh Daddys business, especiallies all them incenses He has been mixing and bottling duwing Septober!

13-1017-7taking picshures with a pro photographur no less, getting last instwuctions!

13-1017-9incensepresenting incense and equipment all serene wike

That is all for today, an now i need to go an do some more preBEARatunnnns before winter takes its toll. cannot be caught by Lord Winter off guard, wight?