Precember calls!


long time no update from me, an so if you were worsied bouts me, i am so sowwie! i has been a busy widdle cookie, all wrappsed up in them activities of autumn in BaBearia, namelies Precember…

 dont let the sunny weathur fools you, its beary cold!

The outside temps are quite cold an so i got preBEARsed by eating a sepchial meal made just for me, in my beary own, owange pot! wooksie it was served on a plate just for me too!


oooh i stuffed muhself, i can tells you. afterwards i felt wike a stuffie  *giggles*

With that solid foundatunnn of yummies in muh tummy i could face  an outdoor  photoshoot to help promote muh Daddys business, especiallies all them incenses He has been mixing and bottling duwing Septober!

13-1017-7taking picshures with a pro photographur no less, getting last instwuctions!

13-1017-9incensepresenting incense and equipment all serene wike

That is all for today, an now i need to go an do some more preBEARatunnnns before winter takes its toll. cannot be caught by Lord Winter off guard, wight?







One Response to “Precember calls!”

  1. I have been worried about you but you have just been very busy as we all can see. Nice to see you again Sweetie! ❤

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