high voltage – mortal danger!


you would not believe how dangerous a models work can be! but take my word for it!

In todays episode of 


i will shows you my Septembers adventure photo-shoot in a mortal danger area!

i am not exeggeratins eithur, wooksie, the sign says so!

1309-trafo01the sign reads translated: “high voltage – mortal danger”

well to get to this restricted area, i had to climb a beary dangerous and steep staircase, and it was quite a challenge to not falls down. i will admit i was quite scarsed too

1309-trafo11a dark staircase, and steep stairs… i felt like an acrobat :-s

1309-trafo21we took a pic from a window so you can see how high up i were

so beary scarie!

behind the big door… (I showed you beforer)


an even more scarie area avaited us! wooksie!!!

1309-trafo33all that electricities and voltage and spider webs n stuff!

1309-trafo32wuns, wuns fastlies, i tells you!!!!!!

it took my all beary bravery to not wike pee my panties wight then and therer!


once i was downstairs an outside, i just had to replentish muhself and so i ate them most delicious black-berries. it is twue, dems have thorns, but they are by far less spookies then the other locatunnn,  wight?







2 Responses to “high voltage – mortal danger!”

  1. Run, little bear girl, run!!!!! O.O

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