Samhain 2013



Samhain 2013

see Her dance the dance of light
feel Her dance in dark delight
hear the beat as it moves your feet
there shall be Victory and not defeat!

Get engulfed in Her mystery
sense the blood of your ancestry
Whose are you daughter, whose are you son
Battles that are fought, are fought to be won!

torments have there been galore
painful lectures left you sore
feel the pressure forming coal
into a diamond shining forth

dim’s the light, coldness creeps in
feel Her dance and just join in
shake the troubles of the past
become the diamond forged to last

dance the dance in love’s delight
your ancestors help defeats your fright
come next year you’ll fight the fight
to become a beacon of Her light

(c) 2013


Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain and a Merry New Pagan Year






2 Responses to “Samhain 2013”

  1. what a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing such beauty with us. you look so cute with your magic tools, absolutely cuddlydudlyschmoodly…. 😛

  2. i wuv being all cuddlyduddlysmoodly – cute new word. muah!

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