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bubble bath time!

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sometimes you get the bestest picshure shoots as a photomodel, and i was so happsy when i got the phonecall


to such an amazing picshure shoot! Imagine my beary supwize when i heard i would be pwomoting welaxing bubble bath time!

1311bubblebath02this is one of the “raw” picshures taken

1311bubblebath03titanand herer is a sureal processed one!

How i wubs photo-shoots wike those! So for wewaxing times? make it candle lit, gem stone suwwounded bubble baf time. wight? wight!






the beauty and the bees

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wot would we do, me and you wifout them bees an an an where would we be, without our diligents bees? how would our world be… i tells you, quite empties and sads…

twees86-gorseginster1203Did you know, that to make one kilogram of honey , them bees are flying some 240 000 kilometers, or 6 times awound the world? If that is not diligence and dedicatunnn!

animals_beean keeps in mind them bees are tinies too! to them a meter to fly is a wot, let alone the bout 85 kilometers a day, whne they pollenize some 200 flowers. that is every day, mind you.  Thats wike 8 of 10 of all flowers out there that they are helpsing to multiply.


and them bees need now some help in returns! it is not much that they asks of us, peopol, but lets all just does what needs be dones and not pretend it is not our business. cuz it so is. No bees, means no apples, no honey, almost no flowers, no cherries, no pears, no berries, no tomatoes,  no jam and NO FUN!

can you imagine how sads the world would be wifout those yummies?


a world wifout strawberries? how sads!

food_fruitNcoffeeand so many other fruit would be gone for good… ugh!


which would also mean no more jams and marmelades …

food86-applesgalawho could have a box of apples then?


and nevermorer delightful honey? wah!!!!!!

 blackberries would only be phones, not fruit, no good!

and wif no tomatoes? no more pizza eithur…

So wot can you, can anyone of us do? It is quite easy, mind you. Just plant flowers in gardens or even within cities where-eburr possuble.


Maybe you have a window sill where you can plant just a few flowers in a pot, all year long…


so them bees can get some food along the way….


and dont you use herbicides in your yards.


Because even weeds can be a rastaurant for bees, wight?




posing in the sun with Sue Zuki!

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sometimes us model hotties get all dressed up and made over to wooks our bestest,


 so during a photo-shoot and there-after on them picshures we can get peopol all enthust wike, wight? wight!


An an an so, a model fwom Japan and i met on this hot summers day, and under the glistering sun,

welcome sun anim

we wooksed our bestest for you! just wooksie at us widdle hotties,

dressesed in matching colors red an owange, 

this is we: Sue Zuki and meeee!

13-auto-bike08-1awiving at the scene: Sue Zuki alweady in pose, me getting all weady!

13-auto-bike08-2oh Sue, you are so glamorous, lets take a picshure just of you!


did you get the fun pun? Sue Zuki, is SUZUKI *giggle-fit*





dont be shy girl!, you are beary beautiefuls!

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sometimes those of us the most beautimous are not aware of their own beauty. All we can see is the flaws and short-commings. But when you wooks at sumfing wif wuving eyes, you can only see the beauty. That is why we should also wuv ourselves morer, so we can feel bettur! Wike take this girl…


shylie hidden behind a twee, what does this bear girl see?

coy, almost demure that widdle red twactor is hiding behind a fence and a tree, hopsing, no-one will notice herer. She is too small she says, and also too old and not as powerful as the youngsters! And indeed just a few steps away, the younger models show off their power and glory!

130-6-schlueter17393-eurothis one is no youngster, even if she is younger than the widdle one

but wow those muscles, *fans self* & *blushel-lushels*

But you cannot compare apples with pine-apples. Yeah they both have similar sounding names, but are all fifferent with amazoing qualities to each of them. So to see their beauty you need to stop drawing strange comparisons! Just wooksie at yourselfer, and see your amazing beautie! You are not made of flaws. you are made of strengthes and beauties.

130-6-schlueter17391-sitzif this is not sexy? what else is!

Too small you say?

easier to find a parking spot and reach the nooks and chinks is wot i see! easier to climb up to too! less to wash and keep clean! an dont tell me us widdles dont has our own charms and sexieness. because i d be offended if you said so *le pout*

13oldie-wineNgemsso dont worry widdle sista, just come out and show your glory, your own spechial kind under the sun. you are awesumsauce the way you are, you too are quite a gem and a shining staw! wight?







how to spend an autumn week-end…

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sometimes us widdles can get all borsed when the weathur is turning shady an nasty wike, wight? wight! But then boredom often leads to twuble, an who wants to be in twuble, not me, i can tells you.

licht - lampe

An an an an soooo i thought to myself i will gives you some ideas how you can spend a nice week-end in the fall with no boredom at all!



One thing that you can does is has a beauty parlor day just at home…

labellestudio-trick3-step2how bouts taking a bubble bath and relax in warm water?

spa1205-056brushesand a nap in warm towels….

You can also uses the time to start writing holiday greetings in advance and letters to peopol you wanted to write to but never found the time in the hectic days and evenings…usparceljul-052

Dear Santa…. i has been a good widdles,
so pwease bwing me prezzels galore!

If the weather outside is rainy and windy and wike uglies, you can make a widdle fashunnn show at home, an dwess up and feel wike a weal pwincess!


tons of jewelry worn at once will make for feeling all princessy wike!

you can also go fru your stuff and find wot once mades you happsie but you dont need anymorer, so you can send it as a care package to the less fortunate ones!

usparceljul-064but dont forget to climb out the package before mailing it away *giggles*

but if all fails, there is always plan B, B wike babybear!



silent night, spooky night!

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i am going to tells you one spooksie stowy!


one day i was just playing in the tree
swinging with glee
when suddenly

night fell all over me!


i got beary scared, 


yet had no other chance

but to roam that night engulfed land

1311spookies10the tree leaves glittered through the night

but i could not realy feel alright!

on the contrary i froze in shockage

1311spookies12standing before a scary cottage


whose spooky castle this might be?

i wonderered – fleeing quickly 


onto another tree

and up there, what do i see? 

the owner of the scary home!


how beary relieved i was to be

just in the realm of the Autumn Gnome





she’s like a rainbow!

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recently when Daddy TeddyTom4u and me attended a vendors fair in the BaBearian county i spotteds sumfing amazings and captured it on picshures for you to see! Above the marketplace and its widdle church a rainbow appearsed!

131110rainbow1Have you seen her all in gold?
Like a queen in days of old
She shoots colors all around
Like a sunset going down
Have you seen a lady fairer?

She comes in colors ev’rywhere; 
She combs her hair
She’s like a rainbow
Coming, colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors

(lyrics by The Rolling Stones)

now according to legend, where the rainbow ends, a treasure lies, wight? Wight! And well wooksie wot makes that of me? Thats wight, the tweasure you always wanted to see.

131110rainbow2the rainbow is ending in me, *giggles*