Samhain 2013 reprise: the photoshoot


yesterdays postie was wike the movie, an today is the “behind the scenes” so to speaks. Yesterday you were pwesented the fruit of my an Daddy’s hard work as model an artist, wight? wight! The post for halloween an samhain had the poem and two awesomesauce picshures of me doesing a ritual wike.


unprocessed, unfiltered. just resized and copyrights added. 

Today i wunna shares morer of them picshures wif you. Daddy has left some pwetty untouchesed, but most of them have been processed and filtered for an additional dimensunnn and texture. I totally wuvsed that i could dress up a widdle morer wif dat panne-velvet robe, making me wooks wike Gendalf The Wizard or sumfing!

13samhain2filteredSamhain # 13-2 ~ processed/filtered by Daddy TeddyTom4u

i also enjoysed using more requisites out of my toy chests. you may wonder what the red liquid in the chalice is made of? Well i can assure you, no need to panic. it was NOT blood. it was not wine eithur. it was syrop of elderberry, and its viscosity helped to stain the dagger to create further the illusion this might have been a blood sacrifice chalice *giggle lots* hey, its helloween an all, wight? wight!13samhain4filteredXerAbstrakt

processed and filtered in such a way,

that muh face is still fully focussed howeburrr the rest of the picshure

is all abstractlies an blurry. totally wuv this result. pic # Samhain 13-4

13samhain1_shadowappeara fifferent bearspective *giggles*

see, i callsed upon them mighty gods, an the shadow shows,

my invocatunnn was all successfullies *sic*

unprocessed/unfiltered. pic ID: Samhain 13-1

13samhain3filteredDifWolfiltered/processed. pic id Samhain 13-3. all mysteries wike, wight? wight!


pic ID: Samhain 13-6

processed and filtered to create this atmosphere between antique and enchanted

i suwa had most of fun, an Daddy enjoysed worksing the charms and magics of photoshop and filterings… but which pic is your favorite an why?






2 Responses to “Samhain 2013 reprise: the photoshoot”

  1. so beautiful, my favorites are 2 and 5 for some reason 😀 love you sweetheart ❤

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