Out of the woods…

…some beary gifted artists have made some beautimous sculptures that are not just beautimous but also practiculs! And bestest of all, dems are not even expensives. and yes they are made out of them woods (giggle, fun pun!)

wike wooksie these nesting aids, dems are all hand mades and hand painteds an shaped wike flowers or even butterflies… i wubs dems!!!!

13rothpete01the price tags are in Euro excluding shipping and meeheee *giggle*

Or wooksie at those huges wooden fellas: the black one is a shepherd, the white one is a snow-man.  They are each holding a letern to be a beacon of light at your home’s entry!

13rothpete02these fellas cost a mere 15 euro each plus shipping!

Well if you wanna any of these unique pieces you better hurry scurry an send muh Daddy a mail (TeddyTom4u@yahoo.com) because you dont wanna miss out such an opportunity, wight?







One Response to “Out of the woods…”

  1. awesome! thank you for sharing this with us Sweetie! 😀

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