doucette’s PC #1304: poppy!!!!




it was way way way wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long that i had posted a picshure challenge…..


but overdue or not now there is a new one comsing your way.

reading teddy

and it is inspired by the upcoming Rememberence Day which is about the same as the Veterans day, just that it is being held in the Commonwealth countwies, wight? wight! An an an the day is also knows as Poppy day… an so….



i would wike you to post picshures of poppys, or poppy art.



so we can has wordpress covered in poppys by Nov 11th… wouldnt that be wike awesomesauce?


here are them rules for the challenge, in case yu couldnt remembur dems, an now goes an has fun!








2 Responses to “doucette’s PC #1304: poppy!!!!”

  1. Thank you Doucette, I think I will try this one. Poppies are beautiful and it is a good cause. You are the sweetest ever! ❤

  2. […] Poppies are my favorite wild flower and this is a good cause, so it seemed quite normal that I would answer to Doucette´s picture challenge. […]

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