the valley of the strangest horsies! (pt 1)


i am so beary exciteds, i have been on a missunnnn of discovery! and i has made quite the discovery at that. i travellled to a valley with the strangest horsies. come and has a wooksie for yourselfer!


First i needed to fly therer in my beary own hellocopter, which was an adventure in itself! Aftre landing i couldnt believe my eyes…. them horsies were all so widdles!


so i had a good wook awound, and indeedlies…

13-circus11dems were all horsies alwight, just small ,  stwangelies, i tells you!

13-circus12seeheee? all tiny horsies just behind smallish me

13-circus16cwap! i wonder whethur i am in Lilliput?

i was weavy speechlesslies. wots that about all them tinie horsies… wonder where i am at wike, wight? wight!


[to be continued] 13samhain4filteredXerAbstrakt.





2 Responses to “the valley of the strangest horsies! (pt 1)”

  1. what an adventure, Sweetie! lovely pictures there, thank you for sharing. you are such a cutie patootie everywhere! ❤

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