smoking hot!


linie firewall anim

have you ever tried using real incense? Because i have an it is so much fun! Especullies when you have the awesomesauce incense blends muh Daddy (TeddyTom4u) is composings. 

131019-incenseboxThe incense blends have poetic names wike Mother of Mercy or Breath of Light, and they are smellsing sso intense and yummsie… an so one day i decideds i wanna be a real wizard wike, wight?

13samhain1_shadowappearwight! an so i took an old fry pan no-one needed anymorer, put the coal there, lit it up and had myself a smoking hot ceremony!


at firster the smoke was all chaotic wike…

131019-incense-smoke2but soon the smoke started painting air pictures


it is so much fragrant fun to do a smudging ceremony too!


i could feel the magic all over the place!

wouldnt you like to tries it too? I am suwa muh Daddy would send you some of the shaman incense so you can has fun wif it!






2 Responses to “smoking hot!”

  1. I love the picture where you are posing like a shaman, you look so cute! ❤

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