the valley of the strangest horsies! (pt 2)

So, peopol, to make heads  and tails of the situatunnn, in that valey of them tinie horses, i explorsed the valley some morer


but the horsies took the weirdestes shapes and forms. Some even had horns!

13-circus11this was so not wight. maybe i am just asweep in my bed and having a mare of the night?

(fun pun: night-mare and horse mare, wike, *giggles*)

86-bedtime2dreamso i punchesed myself a widdle, but shock!!!! i was not asweep: i was wide awake, suwounded by horsies wike i has never seens beforer!


i decided to turn my back on those stwanglies cweatures, but was faced with a completely othur stwangelies situatunnn. i was not the only chicken running away fwom otherworldlies horsies, seeheeeee?


[to be continued]






2 Responses to “the valley of the strangest horsies! (pt 2)”

  1. lol! you are so funny Sweetie, at least somes “horsies” has two horns not just one 😀

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