the valley of the strangest horsies! (pt 4)

Peopol, the valley of the strangest horsies was all strangelies, i tells you! dems peopol for suwa had the most stwangelies houses derer too! wooksie!


but i am no coward, an so i was all bwave wike and sneaksed up to one of them housies, an lifted its skirt…


 to discover even morer of dem stwange horsies huddled up. 

13-10-brombaerei offered thems some berries i had brought fwom home, to bweak the ice and being abuls to talks to dems. an indeed, dems were all fwendlies wike. they didnt laugh or stares at me. i asksed them about the stwange horsies i had seen so far and dems told me, if i wanted to see stwange horsies? to go and wooks next door!

13-circus32somewot unsuwa wot to expect i went where they had told me to goes, an wot i discovereds was amazings!


huges horsies with the stwangest shape and form!!!!!! i almost passesed outer!

13-circus37good thing the horsies beforer those had warnsed me about it, but i got all pale anyways, and backsed out slowlies… yet not wifout givsing dems an offering, cuz i am all well mannered wike that, wight? wight!

13food-strawbeariesand ho! and behold!, dems wiksed my offering so much…


they said i was always welcome amongs them! so kewl!!!!!


too bad it was alweady time to go home tho, so i climbed on the hellocopter to be taken home, filled wif impwessuns fwom my latest adventure, leavsing behind the valley with the most strangelies, yet also some quite fwendlies… horsies

[the end]




2 Responses to “the valley of the strangest horsies! (pt 4)”

  1. what an adventure! (you are so brave to offer them food) as always: you are the cutest! 😀

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