silent night, spooky night!


i am going to tells you one spooksie stowy!


one day i was just playing in the tree
swinging with glee
when suddenly

night fell all over me!


i got beary scared, 


yet had no other chance

but to roam that night engulfed land

1311spookies10the tree leaves glittered through the night

but i could not realy feel alright!

on the contrary i froze in shockage

1311spookies12standing before a scary cottage


whose spooky castle this might be?

i wonderered – fleeing quickly 


onto another tree

and up there, what do i see? 

the owner of the scary home!


how beary relieved i was to be

just in the realm of the Autumn Gnome






2 Responses to “silent night, spooky night!”

  1. you are so brave, this is such a scary night on your pictures 😀 ❤

  2. i know wight? i almost peepeed muself, but was so happsy it wa sjust the autumn gnome an stuff!

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