dont be shy girl!, you are beary beautiefuls!


sometimes those of us the most beautimous are not aware of their own beauty. All we can see is the flaws and short-commings. But when you wooks at sumfing wif wuving eyes, you can only see the beauty. That is why we should also wuv ourselves morer, so we can feel bettur! Wike take this girl…


shylie hidden behind a twee, what does this bear girl see?

coy, almost demure that widdle red twactor is hiding behind a fence and a tree, hopsing, no-one will notice herer. She is too small she says, and also too old and not as powerful as the youngsters! And indeed just a few steps away, the younger models show off their power and glory!

130-6-schlueter17393-eurothis one is no youngster, even if she is younger than the widdle one

but wow those muscles, *fans self* & *blushel-lushels*

But you cannot compare apples with pine-apples. Yeah they both have similar sounding names, but are all fifferent with amazoing qualities to each of them. So to see their beauty you need to stop drawing strange comparisons! Just wooksie at yourselfer, and see your amazing beautie! You are not made of flaws. you are made of strengthes and beauties.

130-6-schlueter17391-sitzif this is not sexy? what else is!

Too small you say?

easier to find a parking spot and reach the nooks and chinks is wot i see! easier to climb up to too! less to wash and keep clean! an dont tell me us widdles dont has our own charms and sexieness. because i d be offended if you said so *le pout*

13oldie-wineNgemsso dont worry widdle sista, just come out and show your glory, your own spechial kind under the sun. you are awesumsauce the way you are, you too are quite a gem and a shining staw! wight?







2 Responses to “dont be shy girl!, you are beary beautiefuls!”

  1. you are so wise and cute at the same time, little one! thank you for sharing this good advice with us ❤

    • i wubs being callsed widdle one… awwwwwwwwwww

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