retrospective to the november challenge


you pwobabwy noticesed that i was quite prolific in the past month.


That is also because there was this blog-challenge gosing on, stating novembur was a bloggings month, an to twy an post a blog every day!

usparceljul-052well i twied muh bestest, but did not live up to that ideal, not this year anyway. because well you know you have to take some time to smell dem woses too an stuff, wight?


But a quicklie wooks at the calendur reveals that i have posted on 16 of dem 30 days, which is not bad at all!


Especulies, when you know that i had been busy doesing new picshure shoots even in scawy locatunnns!

86-scarcedI am particularly happsy wif da quality of my blogs in the past month too.

131031_OSbaum Kopie

i covered a few topics and told a few stowwies.


Even tho most blogs were rather short, wif 2-3 picshures,


there also were the story about the land of the stwange horsies, in no less than 4 parts


and the scary villa in the night-covered scenery,


and them were everything but short wight? wight!


 sooooo … its time for a celebratunnn dance, 


and stay tuned for i have still so many adventures and stowies

reading teddy

to tells you all bouts…






One Response to “retrospective to the november challenge”

  1. I am so looking forward to hear about your adventures Sweetie! ❤

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